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1971 "Teaser & The Firecat" Cat Stevens
Organ ("Peace Train")

1972 "Catch Bull at Four" Cat Stevens
Organ, Piano, Keyboards

1972 "Daydo" Alun Davies

1972 "Lark" Linda Lewis

1972 "Pieces" Juicy Lucy

1972 "Reebop" Reebop Kwaku Baah
Hammond Organ, Piano, Rhodes, Composer, Arranger, co-Producer

1973 "Atlantis [1973]" Atlantis

1973 "Back Street Crawler" Paul Kossoff ("FREE")
*Producer & Keyboards

1973 "Bad News" Joe Jammer

1973 "Essence to Essence" Donovan
Clavinet & Keyboards

1973 "Foreigner" Cat Stevens
Bass, Strings, Keyboards, Piano (Electric)String Arrangements, Brass Arrangement, Bass Arrangement, Woodwind Arrangement

1973 "Happy Children" Osibisa

1973 "Lancashire Hustler" Keef Hartley

1973 "Like an Old Fashioned Waltz" Sandy Denny ("Fotheringay/Fairport Convention")

1973 "Marjory Razorblade" Kevin Coyne

1973 "Now Hear This" Junior Hanson

1973 "October" Claire Hamill

1973 "Painted Head" Tim Hardin

1973 "Pieces of a Jigsaw" Del Richardson

1974 "Buddha and the Chocolate Box" Cat Stevens
Strings, Arranger, Conductor, Keyboards, String Arrangements

1974 "I've Got My Own Album to Do" Ron Wood ("The Faces/The Rolling Stones")

1974 "Now Hear This" Hanson (Junior Marvin Hanson)
Keyboards, Composer

1974 "Natty Dread" Bob Marley & The Wailers
No Woman No Cry", "Natty Dread", "Lively Up Yourself" Hammond Organ, Keyboards, Arranger

1974 "Night Life" Thin Lizzy
Keyboards, Hammond Organ

1974 "Back To Te Night" Joan Armatrading

1974 "Saturnight (Live in Tokyo)" Cat Stevens
Keyboards, Arrangements

1974 "Sunset Towers" Don Everly
Bass, Keyboards

1974 "Whale Meat Again" Jim Capaldi ("Traffic w/Stevie Winwood")
Bass, Keyboards, Arrangements

1975 "Abracadabra" Claire Hamill
Piano, Orchestral Arrangements

1975 "Back to the Night" Joan Armatrading
Keyboards, Arrangements

1975 "Chris Farlowe Band Live" Chris Farlowe
*Producer & Keyboards

1975 "David Courtney's First Day" David Courtney

1975 "Jabula" Jabula

1975 "Jamaica Say You Will" Joe Cocker
Hammond Organ

1975 "Not a Little Girl Anymore" Linda Lewis

1975 "Now Look" Ronnie Wood ("The Faces/The Rolling Stones")
Synthesizer, Keyboards, Piano (Electric), Clavinet

1975 "Numbers" Cat Stevens
Organ, Synthesizer, Piano, Strings, Arranger, Harpsichord, Keyboards, Organ (Hammond), Piano (Electric), Brass, Overdubs, Vibraphone, String Arrangements, Synthesizer Strings

1975 "Quickstep" Chilli Charles
Bass, Keyboards

1975 "Short Cut Draw Blood" Jim Capaldi
Bass, Keyboards

1975 "Squire" Alan Hull
Keyboards, Arrangements

1976 "Rastaman Vibation" Bob Marley & The Wailers
Hammond Organ, Keyboards, Arranger

1976 "Pressure Drop" Robert Palmer
Keyboards, Clavinet, Hammond Organ, Arrangements

1976 "Suprise Sisters" Suprise Sisters
Keyboards, Arrangements

1977 "Deceptive Bends" 10cc
Organ, Keyboards, Piano (Electric)

1977 "Izitso" Cat Stevens
Organ, Synthesizer, Flute, Piano, Glockenspiel, Keyboards, Organ (Hammond), Piano (Electric), Vibraphone, String Arrangements, Sequencing, Synthesizer Strings

1977 "Taking It All in Stride" Silverado
Organ, Piano

1977 "Two Days Away" Elkie Brooks (Leiber&Stoller Producers)
Keyboards, Arranger

1977 "Woman Overboard" Linda Lewis
Keyboards, Arrangements

1978 "Back to Earth" Cat Stevens
Piano, Strings, Arranger, Keyboards, Organ (Hammond), Piano (Electric)

1978 "Richy Snyder" Richy Snyder

1978 "Shooting Star" Elkie Brooks
Keyboards, Arranger

1979 "I Want You" Wilson Pickett
Musical Director, Keyboards, Arranger, Composer

1979 "Live & Learn" Elkie Brooks
Keyboards, Arranger

1979 "Mick Taylor" Mick Taylor
Piano, Hammond Organ

1980 "Julien Clerc" Julein Clerc
Keyboards, Arranger

1980 "Sans Entracte" Julein Clerc
Producer,Keyboards, Arranger,Composer